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” Sometimes” said Pooh, ” the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – A.A. MILNE

Love this sweet girl and just as much I loved getting to know her mom and dad. We got lucky enough to have one of the grandmothers present at their Birmingham newborn session all the way from Ohio which made it so so special. I am going to miss you guys and I wish you all the best while reunited with your family in Ohio. ūüôā Aubree did so good during our session, we got more images then expected and I have to say it was really hard to pick and choose which one I want to feature in this post:) Enjoy and if these images speak to your heart as well feel free to leave a comment below:)

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Mary specializes in newborn, baby and family  photography. Her style is clean, simple and full of  emotions. As an artist, Mary strives to create unique custom artwork that features the beautiful connections that new parents have with their brand new baby. Your baby will never fit so good and  curly in your arms again like he does in the first 10 days of life! She is hand-editing each image into a true work of art. Her studio caters to clients who are looking for exceptional quality. If you love the images on her photography website and blog, please contact Mary for a pre-consultation by using the contact tab at the top.


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Oh, and have you heard? Mary Tweedy Photography supplies a full studio wardrobe for moms, babies and children to each of my clients.

Have you ever looked at an old family photograph? Do you remember the feeling it brought to you? I hope you do. It should be a feeling of joy and happiness. I hope it brought a sense of gratitude that you have that portrait in your hands to look at, that reminds you, perhaps, of the people you love and are no more. To me, that is PRICELESS. How much is it worth it to you?It is why I made the decision to be the portrait photographer that focuses on creating everlasting family heirlooms that your children and grand children and all the generation after that, can look back and know who they are, where their legacy lies on.

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